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The action box or activity bar (component ACTION_BOX and ABOX_SLIM) enables access to standard system functions. Users can start calls from here. You can create the calls and functions that you want to make available in the action box in the IMG activity Customer Service à Customer Interaction Center (CIC) à Component Configuration à Action Box Settings à Define Configuration Profiles for Action Box.

You can call all required data overviews, transactions and processes in the action box. You need to group these calls into transaction groups in Customizing. A call could, for example, be a method, a workflow, a front office process or an HTML operation. You can define as many transaction groups as you like, each containing as many calls as you need. You define the descriptions and icons for each transaction group in Customizing.

You also need to define the data flow from the CIC to the calls. The calls can, for example, use the current business partner data, data objects from the Business Data Display or constants that you have defined. Naturally you also have the option of entering missing data at the start of a call in a parameter screen.


For detailed information on how to customize the action box, see the SAP Library under Logistics ® Customer Service (CS) ® Customer Interaction Center.

You can also start calls in the CIC navigation area (see Data EnvironmentError! No bookmark name given.).

Once you have created the action box configuration profile, include it in your CIC profiles using the component profile type ACTION_BOX_CONFIGURATION_SLIM or ACTION_BOX_CONFIGURATION. Also include the component ABOX_SLIM or ACTION_BOX in the framework you are using.

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