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  • In the
  • Shipping screen choose Pack/load ® Pack delivery.

    You see the Change outbound delivery screen.

  • Enter the number of the delivery that you want to pack, or select one using the matchcode function.
  • Press ENTER
  • You see the overview screen Change Outbound Delivery: Overview - Quantities.

  • Choose Edit
  • ® Pack.

    You see the screen Pack Items

    • If you want to pack all delivery items that are not packed, choose Edit ® Automatic packing.

    In this function, you do not need to select any items individually. All items and shipping units of the selected delivery that are not packed are automatically placed at the disposal of the user exits for automatic packing.

    • If you only wish to have certain items in the delivery packed, choose
      Edit ® Autom.pack items

    With this function, you must select the items and shipping elements to be packed. Then, only the selected unpacked items are placed into an internal table.

    If you have set the supplied example to active, the program automatically searches, in both procedures, for the respective shipping materials for the items to be packed.

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