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Various professional health advisors suggest expressing your love to improve your mental and physical health.  Both mental and physical health are interconnected since we are complete biological creatures and our expression of passion is part of our biological function.  Some experts mention that a balance of work, leisure, love, and friendship is necessary for your overall health so improving your ability to express your love if you are having a difficult time with it can improve your health.

Expressing Love After Grief

With our passion and love for humans we are able to help others and accomplish much more.  The inability to express our love to the people we care about can lead to feelings of depression and hopelessness.  When you loose a loved one like your parents, a spouse, or a child you may go through a grieving process where you are vulnerable to others that may help you express your affection and passion.  During this process it may help to remember how much you loved this person and how much they loved you.  This love may never go away and you may not want it to since the person was very important in your life and you want to remember them in a lovely way for ever.

Moving on from this grief and finding ways to express love to yourself, the people around you, and your community seem to be essential for your health.  Seeking out people deserving of your love can be a helpful way of starting to show affection.  Long term friends or loved ones who play a positive role in your life can help guide you in directions where you might be able to express your love but at times you may need to seek out these positive people if your family or friends are not available.

Finding It Hard To Express Your Love?

Some people seem to get “stuck in a rut” with the same social groups and people that promote negative behavior.  The people around you may continue to “bring you down,” ask you to pay for things, resist healthy communication, or keep you secluded from others which keeps you from meeting others.  Resist this manipulation and introduce yourself to new positive social groups and people that might provide an outlet for you to express your affection.  You can visit sites online like POF[dot]com and others where you can meet people with similar interests.  You can meet people doing your daily activities by talking to them, let them know something you enjoy about them, and find out if they have a similar passion as you.  People who are smiling or look you in the eyes are normally better candidates than others that frown and look away when you glance in their direction.  Introversion is a sign of unhealthiness so consider seeking positive people who are outgoing and also want to help others.

Express Affection With Risky Sex?

Having risky sex or sharing hard drugs with others is not a productive way of expressing your love.  This can lead to disease, hurt, and other unhealthy problems that may keep you from being able to express your love freely in the future.  Instead find ways of expressing your passion through communication, positive action, and mutual coordination for the benefit of the relationship.  This will help you to become better prepared and comfortable if passionate love making with the right person when it is available in the future.  If you already have a partner but your love has dissipated, you might consider taking action before the feelings come back.  That is right, sometimes making love, even if you do not feel like it, will lead to feeling of love with your life long mate.

Easy Ideas To Express Your Love

Love For Yourself:

Spend quality time alone, take excellent personal care of yourself, give yourself the nutrition you need to be healthy, and provide your mind with positive helpful thoughts as an expression of love for yourself.  Treat yourself to something you truly enjoy and become better at the things you believe are important in your life.

Love For People Close:

Reach out to the people you feel passionate about and let them know why you love them.  Take action and show them the ways that you can express you love.  This does not necessarily mean buying them things but it may include coordinating things that they enjoy or can help them show their passion for you as well.  Give others close to you a reason for them to show their passion to you by understanding them, paying attention to the things that are important to them, and taking action to help solve their problems if possible.  When others have gone out of their way to help solve my problems with out selfish motives or motives relating to other people it creates a feeling of thankfulness and openness that may lead to feelings of passion and love.  Help show your children your love for them by passionately involving yourself in their activities, spend long term quality time with them, and help them to show their passion for their biological parents.

Love For Your Community:

Your community may include a few people close by or many thousands all around the world but consider ways each day that you can life your life by expression your passion for the community around you.  You might feel passionate about the cleanliness or organization of your community’s location so you can pick up trash or do things to help that others do not need to witness.  Think of ways that you can create environments for your community to express their love for each other.  Start a local group and schedule a time where you can come together and express your love for one another, provide passionate aid, and help those in need.

Many in the Muslim empire believed that love sickness is a disease of the brain and must be solved for your overall health.  Christians are called to express their love and their love for their god.  Almost every religion pays special attention to helping their followers express their love because they know it is essential for a healthy life.

If you know of other ways to express your love, please leave your comments below so it can help others improve their health and live a happy life.  If you feel love, speak love, and actually love, you are much more likely to be happy.  If you feel love but can not express it your unhappiness may continue until the problem is solved.

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